Green Tourism

Birchill Cottages is a family run business and we enjoy living in such beautiful surroundings. We understand the importance of preserving and maintaining both this, our immediate environment and the wider global environment for the enjoyment of future generations.

Our aim is to make Birchill Cottages as environmentally friendly as possible

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  • We ask our guests to help us by recycling plastic bottles, glass, cans, cardboard, Tetra packs, magazines, foil and newspapers.

  • We encourage the composting of uncooked waste.
  • We provide our guests with environmentally friendly cleaning products and toiletries as well as recycled toilet paper and kitchen roll. We use recycled stationery for correspondence and try to use email as an alternative method of communication wherever possible.
  • We harvest rainwater for use in the gardens.
  • Most of our cottages have efficient combi boilers. All have radiators fitted with thermostats, double glazing and low-flush systems.
  • Low energy lighting has been installed wherever appropriate and where it has been safe to do so.


How you can help us

We very much hope that our visitors will share our aim to make Birchill Cottages as environmentally friendly as possible and ask of them the following:

  • Please reduce, reuse and recycle those items of packaging etc that are listed.
  • Eat locally and buy locally – see our suggestions.
  • Try walking or cycling or use public transport as an alternative to using your car.
  • Help us to reduce light pollution and conserve energy by switching off unused lights and by remembering to switch off at the wall.
  • If you want to air the house, please turn the heating off first.
  • Help us to reduce water consumption by using just the water you need e.g. please don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth!
  • Follow the countryside code – shut gates after you, take your litter home and respect all plants and animals that you come across.


For the future

  • We are beginning to compile records of the plants and wildlife in our woods and striving to enhance the experience of walking within them and we have started a programme of tree planting.
  • Please make use of our visitor centre where guests will have the opportunity to find out about the plants and wildlife of our immediate environment and that of the local area.
  • We will be extending our resources to offer information about car free days out.
  • We aim to replace fridges and freezers and other appliances when necessary with energy efficient alternatives.
  • Most of our cottages already have combi boilers, but where there is a need to replace the other boilers we will choose energy efficient alternatives.